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FreedomSIP™ (SIP Trunking)

Not ready to move away from your PBX hardware just yet?

No problem, we have a solution that will extend the life of your existing equipment and help you cut costs at the same time.


MeshLINQ™ (Internet Bonding)

It's all about one simple thing.
Better Internet!

MeshLINQ, our unique internet bonding technology, is on the cutting edge of business communications.


What is Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a robust, hassle free unified communications solution. We call our Hosted PBX a Hosted Office Phone System (HoPs) because it offers more than just PBX. We integrate voice, fax, instant messaging and more to provide a unified solution that simplifies business communication.

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"FonAngle outshines our previous provider completely."

Paul Wille-CTO (Swift Collective)

"I never expected to have such a good relationship with my phone company"

Jason Mattox-CTO (Liquidware Labs)

The FonAngle experience is 10 out of 10. Highly recommended!

Don Bayne -President

"FonAngle is smart efficient and friendly.  I wish all companies were this good!"

John Bogart-President

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